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Where is Duck River located?

The entrance to the dam, boat launch, and trail head is located just north of US Highway 278 East at the intersection of Cullman County Roads 1647 and 1650.

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When is Duck River open to the public?

The hiking and biking recreation trails are open each day from dawn until dusk, while fishing on the lake or at public piers is open at all times.

Is there a horsepower limit for boats on Duck River?

Yes, only boats with 25 horsepower or under are allowed to access the lake. This is to help reduce erosion and maintain safety on the water.

Can I put in a boat with a motor over 25 horsepower and only use the trolling motor?

No; this is the rule for both Lake Catoma and Duck River Reservoirs.

Is an Alabama fishing license required to fish in Duck River?

Yes, an Alabama fishing license is required (here), and anglers must adhere to state fishing regulations and the creel limits of the reservoir. Those who wish to fish in the lake must also obtain a free Duck River Reservoir permit online here.

Are pets allowed on the trails?

Dogs are allowed, but they must be kept on a leash.

Is swimming allowed?

No, swimming is not allowed.

Are motorized vehicles or horses allowed on the trails?

No, motorized vehicles and horses are not allowed on the trails.

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