Thursday, April 18th 2019

Water Quality

When the original study was completed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, very little data about water quality was available for the Duck River. There is now over 10 years of testing and documentation about the water quality of the river. Since 1999, voluntary BMP's (Best Management Practices) and alternative water measures have been implemented which has significantly improved water quality. In the Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA), a 60% reduction in phosphorus was required. Testing to date shows a reduction in excess of the 60% requirement. In fact, the testing results have been so good, ADEM has reduced the number of sampling sites from 11 to 5.

Duck River has become an EPA success story and has been featured on the organization's website. Water that is going into the Duck River Basin is now even better than the water that goes into Lake Catoma. Because of the greater water quality standards that have been put into place, the water from the Duck River Reservoir will require less treatment, which results in lower treatment costs for all.

Water Quality Report

Water Quality Reports are released annually. Below is the most recent report, released in 2010.