Thursday, May 23rd 2019

Will Any Roads be Closed by the Duck River Reservoir?

Roads affected by this project:

  • County Road 1651 over Henderson Branch: this was originally scheduled to be closed. However, after further evaluations, it was determined that this part of the road could be raised which will allow it to remain open.
  • County Road 1647: the bridge on this road washed out last year due to heavy rains. The property owner asked the County Commission to close this bridge / road and deed property back to the original owner. The County Commission approved this request and this road is has been closed.
  • County Road 1651 over Duck River (Tanner Bridge): this road will end with cul de sacs on both sides of the reservoir. It has been discussed that this may be a boat launch once the project is completed.
  • County Road 1663 (travelling South from Antioch Church and ends at CR 1651): this road will end in a cul-de-sac near Tanner Bridge.